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Since the beginning of time, Islay has provided the inspiration and influence which has shaped every handcrafted Bowmore masterpiece.


Experience Timeless

The Craft

  • Flavour Germinates

  • Atlantic Influences

  • Fermentation Begins

  • Our Origins Defined

  • The Heart of Distillation

  • A Spirit Matures

Flavour Germinates

Water from the River Laggan gives life to the raw barley. As time prevails this barley is left to germinate in Bowmore’s Malt Barns, frequently turned by hand and then dried with centuries old Islay peat.

Atlantic Influences

Bowmore and the sea have an unbreakable bond. Sitting in such close proximity to the crashing waves and salty sea air, the role of our terroir and its influence is unquestionable in sculpting our whiskies.

Fermentation Begins

The peat smoked barley is transferred to the Mash Tun, where, over time, sugar is slowly extracted. Once transferred to Oregon pine washbacks, the addition of yeast pushes forward the journey, and alcohol begins to rise as the beginnings of our spirit start to take shape.

Our Origins Defined

At Bowmore, we are defined by time; past, present and future. Looking back, our name is said to be defined from Islay’s own moment of definition. A time which saw the creation of some of the world’s oldest rock formations, a time when our unique peat began to evolve. This is our big bang moment, when matter starts to shape who we are and remains imbued in us today and for ever more.

The Heart of Distillation

Copper stills impart heat into the wash, evaporating the alcohol and forcing it upwards. These rising vapours are the purest and most refined; it is only these which continue to distillation and are destined to become single malt.

A Spirit Matures

From fine droplets of vapour to pure new make spirit. Each step of the way carefully calculated and shaped to ensure the best of each spirit run takes its rightful place in our oak casks within the hallowed walls of the No.1 Vaults. The place where spirit becomes single malt, where all things come together to create something truly timeless

The Bowmore Timeless Series has been crafted over decades, a true celebration of our legacy and the vital role of time in every drop of Bowmore.

Discover the 27 and 31 year old limited editions.

27 Year Old

This 27-year old single malt has been carefully matured in Sherry and Bourbon casks for 15 years. Then, it was carefully moved to first-fill Oloroso butts. Here it remained for 12 years, only to be released once at its best and considered a worthy legacy.

27 Year Old
Tasting notes


Dark Gold


Fruity cooked plums and prune jam. Corinth raisins and sultana notes with a strong Oloroso influence. Toffee and maple syrup, liquorice, grilled orange peel and smoked seaweed.


Sweet with chestnut honey and strong bee’s wax, fresh leather and Montecristo cigar tobacco, roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate with a hint of oak tannins.


The finish is long with scented burnt wood notes, dry fruits and a touch of frankincense.


52.7% Cask strength

31 Year Old

This 31-year old single malt has been carefully matured in Bourbon casks for 29 years until it reached the peak of its maturation. Then, it was carefully moved to Spanish Oak Matusalem Sherry seasoned butts for two years to ‘finish’, only to be released once at its best and considered a worthy legacy.

31 Year Old
Tasting notes




Floral notes of summer blossom and fruits hold on the nose combining with sweet almonds and vanilla. As time goes on, notes of acacia honey, freshly cut grass and a touch of peppermint appear.


The taste is also floral and delicate with sweet notes of magnolia blossom, lilac and creamy cookie dough. Bowmore’s subtle smoke and salted seaweed shine through as time passes.


The finish is sweet and subtle with a warming mouthfeel. Notes of acacia honey and mint linger on the palate.


45.4% Cask strength

Discover Our Core Range

12 Years Old

Reflecting the essence of Bowmore – thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition – our 12 years old is both complex and perfectly balanced.

15 Years Old

Matured first in bourbon barrels then Oloroso casks, there’s no finer example of a sherry cask finish than our 15 Year Old.

18 Years Old

Cosseted away in the finest, hand-selected oak casks and allowed to mature at its own sedate pace, this is one of the most remarkable, perfectly balanced single malt scotch whiskies of its kind.

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The Collaboration

Bowmore has collaborated with artist and filmmaker Thomas Vanz to interpret how time and craftsmanship creates our whisky.

Discover more about the making of this extraordinary film

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